March 30, 2011

1e Klas cafe in Amsterdam

This is a cafe called 1e Klas (first class) inside Amsterdam Centraal Station. It is a former waiting room for first class passengers, and its beautiful Art Nouveau interior from the 19th century is worth visiting for. I had a lunch there before my departure on my last day in Amsterdam. 

アムステルダム中央駅の構内にある1e Klas(ファーストクラス)というカフェ。駅のカフェと言っても、ここは元、一等車の乗客のための待合室だったというだけあって、19世紀に造られたそのアールヌーボーの美しい内装は一見の価値あり。アムステルダム最後の日、出発前にここでお昼を食べてみる事にしました。

However, what I was really excited about rather than the Art Nouveau interior was the cafe’s mascot parrot!


When I got up to go to the bathroom, I noticed there was a parrot at the end of the counter. I was so surprised and went up to it, and it also came towards me. As soon as I held out my hand to it, it crawled up onto my palm, started climbing up my arm, and finally stopped on my shoulder as if it found a perfect resting place.  


I was very happy that I became friends with the parrot so easily, but on the other hand, I didn’t really know what to do to take it down from my shoulder, with its claws tangled up with my jumper. As I stood there looking lost, a waiter saw me far away  and came to my rescue. He took the parrot down from my shoulder, and started lulling it as if he was cuddling a baby. The parrot was very tame, and looked happy in his arms. According to the waiter, the parrot is a young boy, only 7 years old (apparently parrots live as long as humans, and their life span is about 80 years).  


There was the parrot’s playground next to the counter.


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