March 27, 2011

Christmas window in Amsterdam

I walked passed this house at night, and saw an amazing window display. Hundreds of beautiful glass Christmas ornaments were hanging inside the window. Because the blind was wide open, despite it being night, exposing the front room to the public, it made me think maybe it wasn’t an ordinary home but some kind of shop, although I could’t tell what kind of shop it was. At first, I thought it might be a quirky shop selling stuff, but inside the window seemed to be a kitchen with a large table in the middle, which made me wonder if it could be a homely cafe. Still I couldn’t see any sign outside. I really wanted to find out what this place was, so I decided to come back next day.


When I visited the place on the following day, I saw the back of a man making tea in the kitchen through the window. I then realised that this place was neither a cafe or a shop, but an ordinary home, which was just showing off their extraordinary window display to the public!


When the man turned around, I waved at him raising my camera, and asked him with a gesture if it was all right to take some pictures. He said OK by giving me the thumbs-up. He then disappeared into the next room with a mug of tea in his hand, probably being considerate toward me. 


Once I’ve got a permission from the resident, I started taking loads of pictures! There were more ornaments hanging from the chandelier inside the kitchen, although I wasn’t able to capture them because of the reflection of the window.


Each one of ornaments is super cute!


None of them were the same.


I wonder how much time he spent to collect so many cute ornaments.


I also wonder where he found such cute ornaments. 


Indeed I understand why he wants to show them off to the public. I would feel the same if I had such a lovely collection!


P.S. There was a cute cat in the kitchen as well.


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